Happy Summer

von Matthias Hild

Happy summer to you! I have a message I’d like to share with you.

Happy summer to you! I have a message I’d like to share with you.

Get out of disconnection and step into your light…

Over the last weeks I have been observing the world and pondering on the subject of connectivity.

And it’s not just because I’m a member of the organisational committee, I regard this subject as a decisive personal issue on my own journey (Greetings to Aboodi :-) )

You're probably thinking this subject is not a particularly new one to reflect upon and you may be right, yet it's crucial to explore.

So at the risk of putting a damper on your light summer spirits, I'd like to share my reasons:

Consider the recent events in Nice and in Turkey. Even close to my hometown in Germany there was a recent attack on innocent Asian tourists. I find myself asking why are such events taking place?

I think the world is in its current state not because things are so bad, but because humans are living in a constant state of silent consent, a suppressed state of despair and are fading away in over-consumption.

In a state of disconnection.

Disconnection is a mental, spiritual cover up for deep despair and fear.

Actually, I believe we end up in disconnection for one reason.

We believe that daring to get out of the state of „carrying a mask“ would mean having to endure some form of suffering.

We literally believe that being in connection equals immediate pain, and to „loose the face“ would make us susceptible and vulnerable.
Which is understandable.

Even as early as first grade, we have been conditioned to behave in a conformist way. Pupils, who have different ways of expressing their joy, their vividness, their emotions and moods, are regarded as outsiders or troublemakers.

We have been punished for speaking up, in our childhood, in this lifetime and who knows how many times before.

Anyone who ever dared to speak out, stand up and shake things up a bit ended up being misunderstood at best and crucified at worst.

So it does not come as a surprise that we are drawing back...we disconnect!

Who would want to engage in a spirit of „let´s change the world“ after having experienced such a soul crushing experience?

Our society is constantly telling us everyday that the world is a scary place and we are not able to change.

It is better to mind your own business, keep your head down and adjust to the world.

Find a job, integrate within the system, do not dare to deviate, and certainly don’t rock the „island of happiness“.

Become a conformist- ummm .. sorry normal ;-) and don’t’ dare to ask for more.

Be thankful for scrapes of happiness in your life and your sugar fixes here and there, go on holidays several times a year and have the latest high-tech devices.

Seriously people? Hello?? Is this life?

Thanks but not thanks, I think I’ll pass on that one.

We are bred to survive, not to soar.

Why aren’t we searching for the antidote? Connection!

Connection, to me, means living in a healthy, vivid, joyful, authentic, sincere, proud, connected relationship within the  “I”, “YOU” and “WE”.

How about exploring your own qualities? Are you tuned in to the kind of human being you are? Are you interested in “removing the mask”? Do you have the desire to discover the BELL and get it ringing with powerful, clear, authentic and deep joy?

Would you like to create an authentic and joyful connection to the outside world?

Look around:

Leaders, Light workers, healers, coaches, entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, martial arts masters, change makers are waking up all over the world.
And they are going to rock this earth and make it a better place.

The question is:

Are you in?

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with you.

With love,